Trauma Center Feasibility and Development

Comprehensive, expert assessments, a hands-on process, and state-of-the art, achievable plans

No One Knows Trauma Centers Better

Trauma centers are expensive, complex, demanding hospital services, and each potential one presents unique circumstances and challenges. B+A has conducted about half of the trauma center startups occurring across the nation over the past decade, and also has recommended that a variety of other hospitals do not develop trauma centers.

We apply our broad, deep experience to your objectives, so if a trauma center is feasible, you end up with a solid plan for its success that includes a sense of partnership with your medical staff. If not, you will have a clear understanding why, and how you may be able to overcome your specific challenges in the future.

Our Hands-On, Educational Process Is Essential

Developing a new trauma center requires a collaborative, team building approach starting with the feasibility study. Particularly with the medical staff, as they have strong feelings and often misconceptions about the impact of a trauma center.

The reason for our excellent track record and reputation is our approach that assures that all possibilities for building the best possible trauma center for the decades ahead are fully explored and effectively applied. Setting a high standard for a trauma center brings out the best in all involved, which includes much of your hospital and medical staff.

We Cover It All In One Project

The components of a typical trauma center feasibility/development project include the following:

  1. Assess the regional trauma market to determine likely volume, severity and payer mix.
  2. Assess medical staff resources and outline a structure that assures high quality support for a trauma center (See Medical Staff Solutions).
  3. Assess trauma center development, operating and capital costs, and revenue based upon state-of-art revenue cycle strategies (See Financial Performance Optimization).
  4. Assess the financial feasibility of a trauma center and prepare a 3 year pro forma.
  5. Support ongoing trauma center development process.

We’ve Got Your Back For The Long Term

B+A traditionally provides strong support to former clients, which is how we built the Trauma Resource Network (which has now evolved into the Trauma Center Association of America). We continue this tradition, and our clients will tell you they are supported by us as long as needed, rarely at added cost.

We provide ongoing advice on medical staff arrangements by specialty, recruiting trauma surgeons, working with the state and addressing other issues that arise as you develop your trauma center. We stand by our work.

Give us a call at (949) 754-9080 or email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to discuss your needs and what Bishop + Associates can do to solve your trauma center issues.