Trauma Care Financial Performance Optimization

Expert assistance to assure all appropriate hospital and physician revenue on trauma care is collected

State-Of-The Art Trauma Center Financing

B+A developed the national billing codes for trauma and has long devised the field’s best practices in economic performance. As such, we assure a state-of-the-art approach to trauma center financing, including managed care contract carve outs, trauma activation fees for trauma patients, a focus on cost management using national/state trauma center benchmarks, and a reporting system that assures an ongoing focus on key financial factors unique to trauma care.

All Trauma Center costs must be covered by revenue on an ongoing basis in order to maintain this unique and important community service. Such costs include Trauma Center administration, stand-by resources (e.g. 24/7 OR), uncompensated care, and supplemental support for physicians necessary to maintain their participation in trauma care. Our engagements readily pay for themselves and help assure the ongoing sustainability of your trauma center.

Optimizing the Trauma Center Bottom Line

Attracting a relatively high volume of uninsured patients is a major challenge in trauma care finance; they also attract a relatively high volume of privately insured patients, which is the major opportunity. In working with over 260 clients across the nation, we have found the typical trauma center can improve its bottom line by following key financial strategies:

  • Appropriate implementation of trauma service charges (68X activation, 208 ICU room, etc.)
  • Managed care carve-outs for patients meeting trauma center criteria
  • Effective implementation of trauma specific revenue cycle
  • Severity adjusted cost comparisons
  • Strategy for managing costs of trauma medical staff support

B+A projects efficiently clean and assess all trauma registry and financial data in comparison to trauma center norms, collaboratively define workable strategies, and outline steps for implementation.

Improving Physician Reimbursement for Trauma Care

Optimizing medical staff reimbursement on trauma care is one of B+A’s major roles over the past decades and it includes consulting and the development of a trauma surgeon billing service. Data from the physician billing system and trauma registry are requested and assessed based upon benchmarks. A plan is then prepared for key components of the trauma physician billing process.

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