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Georgia's plan for a state of the art trauma system

The Healthcare Georgia Foundation brought B+A in to assess the needs and opportunities for trauma care amidst a crisis in the state triggered by trauma center closures. This coincided with the establishment of the Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission with $58 million in funding, which then engaged B+A to assist in designing a cutting edge trauma system that reflected best practices from across the nation coupled with the best ideas from Georgia.

The result is a state-of-the-art vision for a fully inclusive and integrated statewide trauma and emergency care system. It will create a new public service that will assure all who need a higher level of emergency care are transported quickly to the closest appropriate facility. This approach will produce the highest possible value for Georgia’s investment in trauma care for the decades ahead. An outline of the plan is as follows:

  1. Obtain Permanent Trauma System Funding
  2. Stabilize And Expand Trauma Centers
  3. Strengthen Emergency Medical Services Focusing on Rural Regions
  4. Develop Statewide Trauma Transfer/Communications System
  5. Pilot/Build Trauma Telemedicine System
  6. Enhance Pediatric Trauma Sub-System
  7. Strengthen Physician Support for Trauma Care in Rural Georgia
  8. Expand System to Rehab, Burn Care & Interstate Transfers
  9. Assist in Initiatives to Reduce Traumatic Injury
  10. Integrate Trauma System with Disaster/Terror Preparedness
  11. Expand System to Acute Emergency Care Needs
  12. Develop Trauma System Regionalization In Georgia
  13. Develop Trauma System Policy/Stakeholder Structure
  14. Build Regional Trauma System Infrastructure
  15. Establish Mechanisms To Assure Exceptional Accountability

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