Acute Care Surgery +

Strengthening Trauma Hospitals for The Future

B+A’s innovation in the field of trauma care now focuses on the continually expanding role of Acute Care Surgery (ACS) programs. They bring a broad 24/7 surgical presence that provides hospitals and their medical staffs an exceptional value, and are the main evolution in medical staffs since the medical hospitalist. ACS programs are proving essential for the “critical care hospital” of the future, which is now.

Continually Expanding ACS Services

Over the past decade, the ACS traditional role of trauma care, surgical critical care, and unassigned emergency general surgery call has expanded with possibilities including:

  • Surgical hospitalist responsibilities such as chest tube and central line placement, and wound care.
  • Trauma systems approach to geriatric fracture care.
  • Expansion of role to vascular surgery, thoracic surgery, and burn care.
  • Assigned general surgery emergency care for private practice general surgeons.
  • Regional hospital system center of excellence in complex general surgery cases.
  • Reputation for always accepting surgical cases, including complex cases.
  • Assessment, admission and stabilization of emergency cases for other surgical specialists.
  • Providing procedures for other surgeons and physicians in other specialties, including GI, cardiac surgery, orthopedic surgery, anesthesia, and oncology (e.g., vascular access service).
  • Surgical safety net to include first response to in-house surgical emergencies for all surgical specialists, such as assisting an OB surgeon who encounters problems performing a C-section.
  • Opportunities in elective general surgery for ACS surgeons, starting with deriving elective cases from their ED call patient population.
  • Lower LOS/treatment costs on emergency surgical patient care using a trauma system approach.
  • Due to an increasing shortage of surgeons, more hospitals are turning to ACS programs to fill their general surgeon needs, which in turn creates a more enjoyable practice for the ACS practice. ACS programs are also stabilizing trauma/general surgery call.

    B+A Can Assist You In Starting/Optimizing An ACS Program

    B+A bring a very broad base of experience to assisting you in starting up or optimizing your existing ACS program. This includes:

  • Assessing role of ACS service.
  • Exploring opportunities for service expansion.
  • Benchmarking work load using national RVU data sources.
  • Defining appropriate surgeon and mid-level staffing configuration.
  • Exploring opportunity for Level I training program relationship.
  • Optimizing professional fee billing program performance.
  • Strategy for separate critical care service re: “global” surgical fee.
  • Recruiting trauma director and surgeons.
  • Assessing compensation against national benchmarks.
  • Optimizing surgeon contracts and incentives.
  • Broadening surgeon skillsets due to decline from focus on trauma care.
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