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The Nation’s Trauma Experts Since 1984

Bishop+Associates is the nation's most experienced firm in trauma center and system development, finance and management. During decades of research and consulting exclusively in this field, we have developed cutting edge strategies for overcoming the economic and structural hurdles confronting this challenging industry.

We also enjoy an excellent track record and reputation with clients in all regions of the country, and have developed national projects including the Trauma Center Economic Study, the Trauma Resource Network, and the Trauma Center Association of America.

Greg Bishop, MBA


Greg has supported trauma care in all regions of the nation and at all levels of healthcare. His principle role has been strengthening the economics of trauma care in terms of research, education and advocacy. In this regard, Greg founded the Trauma Center Economic Study, Managed Trauma Care Project, Trauma Resource Network, and the Trauma Center Association of America.

Greg previously served as a hospital strategic planning consultant with Ernst & Young, received a Stanford MBA in Health Care Management, and an MA in Urban Studies from Occidental College. He is also founder and Head Coach of Boot Camp For New Dads, which since 1990 has spread across the U.S. and is now expanding internationally.

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We have helped over 260 hospitals and trauma systems develop or strengthen their trauma centers, and are contacted regularly by new clients due to word of mouth. Our approach to consulting is unique due to the strong relationships we develop with a broad range of client personnel, particularly medical staff. We are highly cost-effective and make very efficient use of clients' resources, take a comprehensive approach to ensure that all significant issues are addressed, offer concise recommendations, and educate those involved to assure an effective implementation.

As the nation's leader in trauma center research and development, we offer state-of-the-art solutions as well as a passionate commitment towards achieving the best possible outcome for every client. This is the basis for our decades of success.

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